Doux Melange


You know our tradition of Day of the Dead?

The Day of the Dead has become a true national holiday.
The pain, sadness and crying for the loved one who left this world to leave for the dead intermingle with the color, the party, the joy, characteristic oh the mexican people.
The celebration lasts two days, on november 1st called Día de todos los Santos, which is dedicated to the souls of children and on november 2nd, tha Day of the Dead, is when adults arrive.
We believe that during these days, the souls of the people we loved and who passed away, return to earth to be able to spend time with us.

One of the characters that is most associated with the day of the dead are the famous Catrinas.

Word used in Mexico referringto people who dress well. That is why we find them dressed in elegant hats with ostrich feathers

These were created by a famous cartoonist (José Guadalupe Posada) during the time of The Porfiriato in Mexico and baptized with that name by a famous muralist (Diego Rivera), associating the name with an elegant lady who dressed well.

Nowadays, The Catrinas have become very popular all over the world.


More and more people are asking us for wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cookies decorated with details alluding to the Catrinas and Day of the Dead relating them to Mexican folklore

In some weddings the brides and grooms ask their guest to attend dressed in Catrinas.

If you come to The Riviera Maya to get married or just for vacation  you can also take your sugar skull with your printed name.