Doux Melange


Speaking of traditions at weddings, We recently participated in one where they placed "charms" into the cake.
It was amazing !! Because the bride explained to us they hiding silver charms in wedding cakes as a form of divination and a way to wish good luckonto close friends. This is called a Cake Pull (or Ribbon Pull)

A cake pull is not unlike a bouquet toss. The bride gathers a number of her eligible female friends around the wedding cake; inserted into the bottom layer of the wedding cake are various charms with ribbon tails.. On the count of three each of the women pull a ribbon, exposing a charm. The charm is meant to signify the pullers future and friendship with the bride

Being chosen to pull a ribbon demostrates a closeness with the bride or groom and is an honor that extends beyond the bridal party. 

We put the charms into the cake, so it was a pleasure to participe in that wedding.

And you? Do you have any special tradition for your wedding cake?

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